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The Medcalf Hardwood Flooring Process

Are you building or remodeling? Perhaps you want to finally take on a restoration project. Let Medcalf Hardwood Flooring help by installing, sanding, and finishing a beautiful new hardwood floor or refinishing an existing wood floor in your home. With over 20 years of experience, we'll install, sand and finish hardwood flooring that exceeds your expectations. Watch our video and read our brief overview of the process, and then call (612)963-2197 or contact Carson Medcalf for a free quote.

The Wood Flooring Process

Each Medcalf Hardwood Flooring project is different, but typically involve one or both of the following processes.


There are generally two things people think of when they hear the term, refinishing. The first is the process of giving your hardwood floor a light sanding, but not sanding through the existing finish, and then applying a new coat of finish.  This is usually called a recoat. 

The other is a more thorough process of sanding, removing all the old finish off the surface of the wood floor, and then applying multiple coats of new finish.


The installing process is pretty straight-forward. The key to any install--whether it be pre-finished engineered to pre-finished and unfinished solid three-quarter-inch wood flooring--is to make sure the sub-floor is as flat as possible. For example, we always sand the seams between the sheets of plywood before we install.

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